Booking a Vaccine

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to discuss them with your Manager, who would be happy to help and connect you with our People team for further support and guidance.

Book your vaccine online

You can book through the NHS website:

Book Now

Visit a walk-in centre

You can also visit one of hundreds of walk-in centres across the country without the need to book.

Find a walk-in centre

Book your vaccine by phone

If you are unable to book via the NHS website, you can call the NHS free of charge on 119.

Help from your Manager

Your Manager can advise you about the easiest and quickest way to book a vaccination in your area.

Current colleagues who have had one dose of the vaccine

If you have had the first dose of the vaccination already, please confirm the date of your second vaccination to your Manager as soon as possible. Once you have received your second dose, please confirm this with your Manager.

Colleagues who are fully vaccinated

Fully vaccinated colleagues will be required to provide confirmation of their vaccination status. You can demonstrate your vaccination status following one of the below routes.

For advice on booking a booster vaccination, please follow this link:

When and how to produce evidence of vaccination status

If you’ve been vaccinated by the NHS in England, you can demonstrate your COVID-19 vaccination record using the NHS COVID Pass service via the following three routes:

Please be aware that it can take a little time to obtain evidence of vaccination as:

  • You need to wait 4 weeks after having COVID to be able to have your vaccination.
  • You need to be registered with a GP practice in England if you plan to use the NHS App (which is not the same as the NHS COVID-19 app). If you are not registered with a GP then you will need to use one of the other two routes.
  • If you plan to use the NHS Website you will be required to register for an NHS login, if you do not have one already. NHS login registrations may take longer than usual when there are high numbers of requests.
  • If you are requesting an NHS COVID Pass letter either via the NHS website or by calling 119 note that the letter can take up to 5 working days to arrive and will be sent to the address registered with your GP. If you have recently moved house, make sure you’ve updated your GP practice before requesting a letter.

The information must contain your name (if your name is not up to date then you will need to contact your GP practice to have this amended) and dates of both vaccinations (please see below example).

If you are using the NHS App or website, please choose the option for travel not domestic.

Please note that your NHS appointment card or QR code cannot be used a proof of vaccination status.

What if you have been vaccinated outside of the UK?

We are aware some individuals will have been vaccinated outside of the UK.

The Department for Health and Social Care are working on a solution and further guidance will be provided as soon as possible.

Colleagues who have received a COVID-19 vaccination abroad can self-certify exemption from vaccination in the UK using a form available to download, read, sign and return below. This is because it is not clinically appropriate for them to be vaccinated in the UK if they have already received a partial or full course of vaccination overseas.