How to Book Vaccination Booster

Colleagues now have the option to book Covid-19 booster vaccinations through the self-referral pathway in the National Booking Service. They will be able to book their appointment online here or by calling 119. Unlike the primary course of the COVID-19 vaccine, the booster vaccination is not mandatory under the new laws which apply to CQC-registered care homes in England.

Booster vaccinations can be administered no earlier than 6 months after completion of the primary vaccine course. Colleagues are encouraged to complete the primary course of the COVID-19 vaccine if they haven’t done so already.

Colleagues working in care homes for both older and younger adults are still able to access workplace-based vaccinations through visiting PCN teams when they visit the care home. We have arrangements in place for them to access the booster through this process.

Colleagues can also receive the booster vaccination at hundreds of walk-in centres across the country without the need to book in advance using to locate walk-in, mobile and pop-up sites. Colleagues should be aware that visiting PCN teams, walk-in sites and the National Booking Service perform checks to verify vaccination history, to ensure a booster vaccine is due.

Guidance on self-declaration to book a booster vaccination via the National Booking Service (NBS)

As part of the booking process, colleagues will need to self-declare they are a frontline health or social care worker. When booking, they will be advised on the evidence they will need to provide at the vaccination site as of proof of employment. They will only be vaccinated if official proof is presented. Whilst this guidance is aimed at NBS bookings, the ID requirements also apply to individuals who are vaccinated via local booking services or a walk-in clinic.

Check-in and ID requirements for colleagues arriving for their booster appointment at a vaccination centre.

Colleagues should verbally declare at check-in at the vaccination site that:

  • • they are a frontline health or social care worker, as identified by the Green Book and the SCW SOP
  • • the type of role/work they do; and the name of their employer.

They are asked to provide as proof of employment as a Health and Social Care Worker using one of the following:

  • • A workplace photo ID.
  • • A recent letter from their employer (last 3 months), or A recent payslip which shows their employer (last 3 months).

The recipient should be informed that their employment as Health and Social Care Worker will be recorded in the point of care (PoC) system together with their vaccination.

Who is an eligible frontline social care worker in England?

Colleagues carrying out frontline care work in our full-time residential care and supported living services are eligible for a Covid-19 vaccination booster.

The following, however, are currently not eligible:

  • Social care workers working with children who are not at high risk from COVID-19, for example in early years education as a childminder or nursery nurse or with vulnerable children (SEND or Looked After Children) who are not clinically vulnerable to COVID-19.
  • Administrative staff who do not have any direct contact with clients and who work in settings other than care homes.
  • People who are unpaid carers and those providing home help, such as shopping or cleaning.